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Payoneer Debit Master Card

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Компания РОСПЕРСОНАЛ предоставляет для своих участников отличную возможность оформить карту Prepaid Debit Master Card. Эта карта позволит вам безопасно хранить ваши деньги и иметь быстрый и легкий доступ к ним.

Чтобы узнать подробную информацию об оформлении карты читай далее.

How Payoneer benefits You:

You can apply for the MasterCard® card in your home country without a social security number

No need to travel with large amounts of cash.

Your host company can deposit your paycheck directly into your Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard® account, so you don’t need to worry about opening/closing a local bank account.

No need to worry about how your last paycheck will get paid at the end of your program if your host company’s pay day is later than your departure date.

Your parents or family can load additional money onto your Payoneer account from anywhere at any time using their Visa® or MasterCard®.

You can have your tax refund loaded directly onto your Payoneer account so that you can access the funds in your home country.

You have the ability to monitor your spending and add money throughout the program via your online account and at Western Union locations across the United States.

The Payoneer card offers easy access to spending money around the world:

Nearly every store in the United States, and many overseas, accepts MasterCard®, so you can use the Payoneer card as a debit card for all your needs.

You can use online stores like Apple.com, Dell.com and Amazon.com since they all accept MasterCard®!

You can use the Payoneer card to withdraw dollars and local currency from ATM machines that accept MasterCard® worldwide.

For more information, please click http://www.payoneer.com/demo/demo.html to watch a demo.

Instructions to apply for this card are below. If you have any questions regarding the registration or activation, please feel free to contact support@payoneer.com.

If you would like to apply for the Card in your home country, you must order a minimum of 30 days prior to your departure.  Or you can apply for it as soon as you arrive in the United States. If our shipping methods will not reach you in time for your departure, please contact support@payoneer.com for additional options.

Instructions for Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard®

How to Apply for The Card?

Click on: https://programs.payoneer.com/programs/Allianceabroad/index.aspx

Step 1: Select “Alliance Abroad Group” and click on “Get your Prepaid MasterCard”.

Step 2: Enter your personal details (Name and Address).

            *Check the box that says “Check here if your shipping address is the same as your billing.”

Step 2: Select a password and security question

*Click on “Register to a US virtual US account”. If this option does not appear you can also do it once your application has been approved online.

Step 3: Provide a form of national identification (National ID card or Passport #)

Step 4: Once the card is delivered to your address, you will need to activate it online at www.payoneer.com and select a PIN code to begin using the card.

How to Direct Deposit your Paycheck to the Card Account?

Two Options:

Option 1: If you registered for a Virtual Account at the time of registering for a card, then when your card is approved you will receive an email with your Virtual Account # and Routing Number. Provide the email to your employer, telling them you would like to have direct deposit to this account.

Option 2: Enter into your “My Account” at https://www.payoneer.com/MyAccount/Login/Login.aspx.

a.      Click on “Services” on the left side.

b.      Click on “View” for Virtual US Bank Account. (If the Virtual Account has not yet been activated, you can activate it at this point.)

c.       Print this page with the “Virtual Check” and give to your employer for Direct Deposit.

d.      You can also print out the “Enrollment Form” and fill this in to give to your employer.

P. S.: ВНИМАНИЕ! Если вы не являетесь участником компании «РОСПЕРСОНАЛ» вы не сможете оформить эту карту.

Желаю вам комфортного путешествия!

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Если вы не являетесь участником компании «РОСПЕРСОНАЛ» вы не сможете оформить эту карту.

Это как?))

Карта только для тех, кто по программе WORK AND TRAVEL USA/ALASKA едет? Участники других программ не могут оформить?

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Elena A. Khramova - а мне никто про эту карту не сказал. ее можно еще оформить? или если есть обычная карта виза, то в эту карту нет смысла оформлять??

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