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Кто едет на стажировку в Австралию, давайте встретимся

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I haven't been here for a long time. My Australian life in Moe is 12 months long and I have applied for the next 12 months, and God bless me for the positive DIAC decision! Of course, the immigrant' status initially would be much better! But I have what I have got!

And who speaks English – what is life know in Russia with that crisis? Is it too bad?

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Sounds calming down! They more talk here, than there's a real reason to become hysterical or upset. Media  said, that some financial corporation was ruined, and a couple of banks get closed... As for us - everithing looks normal, people TUSYAT (:-)) and does not blow into a moustache (V US NE DUYUT). They do not cut down the salaries, what is the most important, at least, me... :)

All television news programmes show real horrors about Russia here, factories are closed and bla-bla-bla, is it somewhat like truth, all stuff like that?

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Guest Tatiana

I've heard just about couple small banks. They closed down indeed. People don't get money-bonuses at work in some companies. Factories are still ok , but have some problems with sales (don't have enough demand level)...

Great, that Ozi are still having fun and going out for parties!!!! It seems they believe in Tommorow :) That is awesome!

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Летел етихадом из кенгурятины, дешевле еmirates в разы, сервис такой же. сейчас кстати цены упали, хорошая возможность слетать туда-сюда. кто летит чере неделю в австралию:) скиньте в личку, а то у меня братишка в первый раз поедет, кому нужна компания:)

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