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  1. Сотрудничать с этими работодателями могут все, кто имеет с ними соглашение.
  2. Заинтересовал один Джоб Оффера в г. Лима, в Огайо, з.п. $250-300 в неделю, требуются там девушки Что это за работа? Кто-нибудь в курсе?
  3. Job Id:348 Company:Hotel City:Eustis State:Maine, ME Job title:kitchen / dish, housekeeping Salary:$7.75-8.50/hour Hours:8/day Overtime:$11.00 -12.00/hour Start date:May 25 End date:Oct 15 Housing:$35/week Staff:4 / male Housing description: Accomodations are downstairs at the inn with 2 baths, either each person could have a bedroom or 2 would share and the others would have a bedroom and there would be a common living room. MEALS would be include in the price of housing. Breakast, lunch and dinner with used of kitchen with permission from the chef or morning cook. Additional info: It is a team oriented place to work. Service to our guests is the most important. The food is outstanding. And the surrondings are so beautiful. Dress code: Tan pants, white pull polo pullover or T shirt. No facial piercing, lips, ears are OK, tattoos must be covered up, Hair length short, clean cut appearance.
  4. Job Id:349 Company:Seafood plant City:Haines State:Alaska, AK Job title:fish processor Salary:$8.00/hour Hours:12/day Overtime:$12.00/hour Start date:June 25 End date:Sept 10 Housing:$40/week Staff:6 / male Housing description:We have a large new log bunkhouse and commercial kitchen. The bunkhouse sleeps eight comfortably and the kitchen is very big, nice, and new. It has a nice lounge room with couches, chairs, and a tv. This bunkhouse is about one mile from the plant and we will have a van for transportation. Meals will be provided on work days but off days workers will be on their own but we should be working at least six days per week. There are grocery stores a few miles away and workers will have the opportunity to go to town and get what they need. However, we are renting this bunkhouse from a private owner and there are strict rules with regards to partying and cleanliness. The owner of the bunkhouse does not want "parties" going on or smoking inside. We are looking for clean cut kids who can come to work on time consistently. Deposit of $200 for housing will be requested. Additional info:We are a family owned and operated business which means we are smaller than most processors. This also means we are more personable and will take care of our employees. All we ask is that you work hard and keep a good attitude. We will be working long hours and working hard but we also want everyone to have a good experience and have fun. At the plant we have an indoor basketball court as well as a ping pong table. There is a lot of beach and woods to explore so bring your camera! Dress code:If workers have long hair or beards, they must wear hair and beard nets when working around the product.
  5. Job Id:344 Company:Hotel City:Ocean Grove State:New Jersey, NJ Job title:housekeeping, sales help Salary:minimum Hours:40/week Overtime:yes Start date:April 1 End date:Sept 30 Housing:n/a Staff:2 / male and femaleHousing description: Applicant will receive one of our hotel rooms in exchange for extra hours worked or an agreed upon rent. If they want to live offsite we can provide leads for low cost housing. They will also receive free breakfast and access to TV room, sun deck and beach as well as limited access to the inn's kitchen all free of charge. Additional info: We are looking for students studying hospitality industry and will provide training in every aspect of bed and breakfast operation, plus a written evaluation. Prefer residents of English speaking countries. Dress code: Provided by employer.
  6. Job Id:163 Company:Campground City:Salisbury State:Vermont, VT Job title:maintenance, sales Salary:$8.00/hour Hours:8/day Overtime:n/a Start date:May 1-15 End date:Sept 30 Housing:free Staff:2 / female Housing description: New Travel trailer w/bath, stove,oven, microwave air conditioning, heat and satelite TV. Additional info: Prefer 2 females from Asia, over 21. Driving permit is a big plus. The resort is in a nature area and not in a large city. No public transportation and nature oriented. Dress code: Casual.
  7. Job Id:107 Company:Hotel / Resort City:Cody State:Wyoming, WY Job title:kitchen staff (2), waitstaff (2), housekeeping (2) Salary:$30/day+ Hours:8/day Overtime:n/a Start date:May End date:Sept Housing:free Staff:6 / male and female Housing description: Furnished room and board on site, meals are cooked for you and eat meals as a group. Housing includes 2-4 people/structure here on site. We are 40 miles from Cody, WY the nearest city. Additional info: We need every student to fill out our application form. We need hard working, honest, dependable employees that are self motivated and have a love for the outdoors and rural setting. Must speak English. Salary: $30/day and up depending on experience, plus room and board, with the extra bonus of easy access to the outdoors, national forest, and national parks. Must have good conversational English. Dress code: Appropriate for position.
  8. Job Id:114 Company:Road Side Sales City:Windsor Mill State:Maryland, MD Job title:customer service, sales Salary:$10.00 - 20.00/hour Hours:8-10/day Overtime: n/a Start date:June 25 End date:Sept - Oct Housing:$100/week Staff:12 / female Housing description: 2-4 students per room, dormitory style. Housing is $100/week per person. Additional info: Fun summer job in fruit sales. We hire only females. We accept 2 or more friends. All must have a Drivers License and decent English. Salary: $10.00-20.00/hour depending on your proficiency in English. Daily wage bases: hourly wage + tips + commission (most days will pay commission but not all) Dress code: Casual style.
  9. Job Id:95 Company:Motel City:Wildwood State:New Jersey, NJ Job title:housekeeping, maintenance Salary:$8.00/hour Hours:4-5/day Overtime:n/a Start date:June End date:Sept Housing:$95/week Staff: 4 / male and female Housing description: We have an apartment house next to the motel which we rent to students. The units accommodate 4 to 6 persons which have two bedrooms with bunk beds, kitchen, living room & bath The cable & internet is furnished and cost is $95.00 per week. Additional info: We need students that are honest, hard working and will enjoy being at a resort by the Atlantic Ocean in America. The maintenance position includes taking care of the pool, carrying laundry (linenes) upstairs to the 2nd & 3rd floor, recycling the trash, sweeping the grounds, etc. Dress code: I provide tee shirts and ask them to have shorts & slacks that are decent. We are family motel so no rings in noses and tatooes showing
  10. Job Id:343 Company:Restaurant City:Ten Sleep State:Wyoming, WY Job title:bartender, food server Salary:$4.00/hour Hours:8/day Overtime:n/a Start date: June 1 End date:Oct 31 Housing:free Staff: 2 / female Housing description: Housing will be provided. The girls would have separate bedrooms or they can share if so desired. Two girls can share their own bathroom. Kitchen use. Also use of the Tv room. The Restaurant is three walking blocks from the home. Additional info: Must have money balancing skills. Must be able to multitask, attractive and pleasant appearance. Must be able to understand the English language. Cleanliness is very important at the home as well as the Restaurant. We located in the small town in Wyoming on route to Yellowstone national park, but we are pip, adorable and friendly community. Dress code: No piercings no visible tatoo's. Good hygeine and appearance. Out going and friendly personlity. Casual, sportwear style.
  11. Job Id:26 Company:Сlothing Store City:Bar Harbor State:Maine, ME Job title:sales help Salary:$8.00/hour Hours:40/week Overtime:$12/hour Start date:June 15 End date:Oct 15 Housing:none Staff:4 / female Housing description:No info. Additional info:No info.Dress code: Employees must look presentable, nice pants/Jeans, Dress/Skirt, Shorts, No torn, ripped or clothing with holes, no logo t-shirts err on the side of conservative
  12. Job Id:216 Company:Resort City:Whitefish State:Montana, MT Job title:kitchen staff, dishwashers, wait staff, hostess, front desk, maintenance, cashiers, housekeeping, sales help, as needed, grocery clerk / store assistant Salary:$7.25/hour Hours:8/day Overtime:$10.87/hour Start date:May 15 End date:Oct 15 Housing:$40/week Staff:12 / male and female Housing description: Housing is 8 person college dorm type. Share a room with one other. Walk to work. Additional info: Resort is not that far from the Yellowstone National Park, Montana; students can easily visit it. We have some other national parks around us. There is a nice lake right near us. We are located in the North Western part of America, Whitefish is right near the border with Canada. It's a great place for hiking, fishing, and tons of wildlife. Dress code: Clean cut.
  13. Job Id: 165 Company:Spa City:Block Island State:Rhode Island, RI Job title:manicurists / nail technicians Salary:$8.00/hour Hours:8/day Overtime:n/a Start date:June 8 End date:Oct 8 Housing cost:$100/week Staff:2 / female Housing description: A small cottage located in town within walking distance of all the main shops, restaurants, bars, the spa itself, and the main beaches. Satellite tv and utillities are included. Cottage has full kitchen, bath, living room, it is 2 people to a bedroom. Additional info: We are looking for seasonal employees who are interested in and familiar with the spa industry. Preference is for employees with experience doing nails. We are an eco-friendly spa on an eco-friendly island named One of The Last Great Places in The Western Hemisphere by the Nature Conservancyl. Dress code: Nice pants, flat shoes.
  14. Job Id: 341 Company: Bar & Grill City: Wells State: Nevada, NV Job title: wait staff, bartender Salary: $8.00 Hours: 8/day Overtime: n/a Start date: June End date:Sept Housing cost:$300/week Staff: 2 / female Housing description: Motel room until permanent housing is available. Additional info: We are looking for waitress one person and bartender one person who are personable, good with people and efficient. Base salary is augmented by tips. We have a newly remodeled bar. We have been serving for the last 25 years and located at the start of the Ruby Mountain chain, seven miles from the lake in Heaven called Angel Lake. Dress code: Casual style.
  15. Job Id:337 Company:Seafood restaurant City:Narragansett State:Rhode Island, RI Job title:kitchen staff, prep cook Salary:$7.40/hour Hours:8/day Overtime:$11/hour Start date:Jun 15 End date:Sept 6 Housing cost:$90/week Staff:12 / male and female Housing description: Our housing is right at the restaurant. It is a dormitory style house with bunk beds. There is a full kitchen. Additional info: We are located 10 miles from the University of Rhode Island. We are 1/12 hrs from Boston, 2 1/2 hrs from NYC. We are on our own beach. The town we are in is a collegew town and summer beach destination. WE are the largest restaurant in the area. Dress code: Clean white sneakers and jeans. We provide one shirt and hat if they want.
  16. Job Id:340 Company:Bar and Grill City:Neenah State:Wisconsin, WI Job title:waitress Salary:$8/hour Hours:8/day Overtime:n/a Start date:any End date:any Housing cost:free Staff:4 / female Housing description: A 2 bedroom apartment will be provide at no cost with 2 persons per unit. Includes a stove and refrigerator. Apartment is approximately 2 miles from work place. Transportation will be arranged. Additional info: We are looking for waitstaff who are personable, good with people, and proficient in English. Base salary is augmented by tips. Meals are provided while working. We are located about 5 miles from a large metropolitan area that is home to several colleges. Dress code: Attire must be neat and clean, appropriate for an informal cocktail setting. No uniforms required. Piercings and tatoos should be tasteful and inoffensive.
  17. Как правило, на позицию Lifeguard нанимают персонал с уровнем владения английским языком Pre-Intermediat/Intermediat.
  18. С уровнем Pre-Intermediat можно устоиться на позицию официантки, но лучше до выезда в USA этот уровень подтянуть до уровня Intermediat .
  19. Обязанности: вождение, обслуживание квадрацикла, инструктаж по эксплуатированию желающих клиентов покататься на квадрацикле. Быть гидом поездок на квадрациклах по парку.
  20. Northern Virginia, Southern Maryland and Washington D.C (ATTN: These offers are available for students from Russia) Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C 50 Job Offers Type of business Pool management Company Position lifeguard Wages p/h $7.25 Hours p/w 40 plus overtime ($10.88 p/h) Housing from employer $35.00 per week Employment start date 20th May 2010 Employment end date 07th September 2010 Why choose us? With this job, you will work in a variety of pools located in/near Northern Virginia, Southern Maryland and Washington D.C. You may work in a variety of various pools from hotels, apartment complex, residential neighbourhoods, to some indoor ones. You will be close to Washington DC, so on your days off, you can visit the Capital, explore many museums, go to Kings Dominion Amusement Park located in Dozwell (only open May-Oct), Virginia - there are countless possibilities. Description Duties will include but not be limited to testing pool water, adding chemicals as needed, watching over all swimmers in and near the water, keeping order and peace. You must successfully pass lifeguard certification course. You must be a strong swimmer. Training and certification Each employee will be required to get a 50.00 per person pool operator license. It is good for 3 years and you will be given your certification card. There are chances for second jobs; however, it is very important that you do not take on too much. This job is very important and you must be well rested and alert while at work. Housing description: The housing will be either apartments or a house but it will be about 2--3 people per room depending on the size of the room, we provide everything needed from cooking items to cleaning needs however we do give them the basics and after they run out of them they have to buy their own. We do have a housing deposit required which is $200.00 per person, which will be return in the first month of 2011 as long as the apartment or housing doesn’t have any damages. All lifeguards have to live in our housing to be able to work for palm pools, we also offer 40-55 hours per week depending on the weather and we also do the needed training for all lifeguards at no cost, if a student doesn’t pass the training test he or she has 24 hours to leave our housing. If any guard decides to quick from our employment they will be charge a fee for bridge of contract and the fee will be deducted from their paycheck the amount of $450.00 will be deducted. All students who are traveling as a group please arrive together to be able to place you guys as a group in our housing, if you don’t arrive with your group we cant promise to have you guys together.
  21. Anville, Pennsylvania 10 Job Offers Business Restoration Company Position Painter (decorator) Wages p/h $8.00 Number of hours per week 40+ Housing p/w $80.00 Substance usage and abuse No drinking and smoking Job’s starting date from May 15/May 27 to September Other requirements Int. driving license is a plus Pennsylvania borders Delaware and Maryland to the south, West Virginia to the southwest, Ohio to the west, New York and a water border with Canada to the north, and New Jersey to the east. The state's most populated city is Philadelphia. Philadelphia is located 1.5 hours ride from Palmyra. Pennsylvania is home to the nation's first zoo, the Philadelphia Zoo. All 121 state parks in Pennsylvania feature free admission. Students will be doing labourer’s work as painters. The W&T USA participants will also need to be able to drive company car. This is why international drivers licence is essential. You will work different locations as painters, mainly in colleges. You must possess basic skills in maintenance and tools. If you have an understanding of tools, physical activity and if you listen to instructions and advice you will do fine. Teamwork and communication are necessary to move projects along. Listening and an unselfish attitude are the most important tools to this job. Must have old clothes to use it as a work wear. Some light and some heavy work included. Strong and light boots, breathable and heavy duty. Coffee, snacks, water and occasional meals are provided. Meals are provided when staying in hotels. If student/s is dismissed, he/they will be required to vacate the premise and find their own lodging. Average student earned $7200.00 in 2009 summer.
  22. Crede, Colorado Creede, Colorado 16 Job Offers Business: Restaurant & hotel Positions: Waiters - 8 job offers ($4.28 p.h. plus tips, only experienced waiters) Housekeeping – 2 job offers ($7.28 p.h., only experienced housekeepers) Kitchen staff - 2 job offers ($7.28 p.h., kitchen experience is not required) Cooks – 2 job offers ($7.28 p.h., only experienced cooks/assistant cooks) Dishwashers - 2 job offers ($7.28 p.h., kitchen experience is not required) Wages p/h $7.28 or $4.28 (wait staff) Number of hours per week 40 Housing $50.00 Housing description: Bunk House 7 rooms, 2 beds each. There are two bathrooms (each one with toilet, 2 sinks, 2 showers). There is a full kitchen (2 stove, microwave, full refrigerator, cook ware, dishes, etc). There is a living area with cable TV, computer with internet Airport pick-up available from the employer Appearance: neat, clean, no facial hair Job’s starting date from late May/early June to September Creede, CO is located in the Rio Grande Forest, 45 miles from the Wolf Creek ski area, between Lake City and South Fork on the Silver Thread Scenic Byway and minutes away from some of the best outdoor activities in Colorado. Return to a time and place where you can relax in solitude, enjoy the peace and beauty of the Rocky Mountains, and leave the hectic life of the city. The restaurant is located in the heart of downtown Creede, where all that you are looking for is only steps away. Strolling through the shops of downtown, attending a show at the renown Repertory Theatre, hiking the majestic mountains and rafting the Rio Grande River, are only a few of the attractions in the area. Cook’s Job duties: Preparing various food from the restaurant menu, prep work, assisting other cooks, cleaning and other tasks as per business needs. Kitchen staff duties: Dishwashing, cleaning, lifting trays with plates etc. Other job tasks may be given if needed (prep work, bass staff duties etc). Candidate requirements: Kitchen experience would be a plus nevertheless we will consider all W&T USA participants to fill the available positions. Basic English skills required (not less then 6-7 on a 1 to 10 scale system). Job start date: We are flexible on working dates but not later than first week of June.
  23. Company:Gift shop City:Loveland State:Colorado, CO Job title:sales help Salary:$7.25/hour Hours:9/day Overtime:$10.88/hour Start date:May 24 End date:Sept 9 Housing cost:$200/month Staff:3 / female Housing description: Two people per room, full cooking facilities. Housing is off premises from the work location and a car for getting back and forth to work is provided Additional info: We have a fun gift shop in the colorado rocky mountains. We are looking for friendly folks to work in our store Dress code: Minimum hair length should be past shoulder. Discrete piercings ok. Shorts and skirts will be provided with a company shirt
  24. Company:Ice Cream Shop City:Washington State:District of Columbia, DC Job title:ice cream server Salary:$8.00/hour Hours:8-9/day Overtime:n/a Start date:May End date:Oct Housing cost:none Staff:2 / male and female Housing description:Housing is not being offered. Additional info:No info Dress code:No uniform or dress code. We just expect our employees to be well clean.
  25. Company:Outdoor Amusements City:Battle Creek State:Michigan, MI Job title:kitchen / dish, maintenance Salary:$380/week Hours:50-60/week Overtime:n/a Start date:June 29 End date:Oct 3 Housing cost:free Staff:5 / male and female Housing description: Travel trailer rooms are shared 1,2 and 3 people per room. Washroom and laundry facilities included and shared. Additional info: We started the business in 1978. Our total of six units offers a variety of products. We designed the units ourselves to meet the strictest health codes and to be the most efficient for fast, quality customer service. Dress code: Uniform Shirt, hat and apron(we provide). Shorts or pants and close toed shoes(student is responsible for) No facial piercing's. Men must be clean shaven everyday.
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