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Всем привет из Лондона!

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Looking for English guy of my age - 19 years old, living in London, to have some fun during this Summer. The full and normal photo upon request.

Sonka, i think that the best way of seeking a guy is not via internet. Better, go to London, to night club and - it will be a really great fun:)

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Prvet iz Londona, uzhe celyh 3 chasa na British land! Pricol hotite: vyletel iz Pulkovo v 7:20, letel 3 chasa, priletel v Gatwik 7:25. Vot tak - doletel za 5 minut. Prikolnen'ko!

Pogoda ok- my v futbolkah i nam zharko, English people v kurtkah. Na nebe tuchki. Kazhetsya dozhd sobiraetsya!!!

To chto ozhidal - poka ne uvidel, girls strashnen'kie.

Sam gorod - vpechatkyaet!!! Uzhe fotok nashlepal, no v i-cafe v kompe net vozmozhnosti zakachat.

Problems - sotoviy kotoriy dali v RP - ne otvechaet. Esli kto iz RP prochitaet - help please!

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Nice idea to start the search of English boys here.

Looks like it is a popular theme, but I would be really curious to see at least one English guy who is surfing around on our site :)

Disco, college or bars will be a better place to meet someone, I presume  :)

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That was hilarious to see the topics like this one here!  :)

No doubts, the guys from all over the world are now browsing attentively trough this site in search of russian ladies!  ???

As an free option, go to facebook.com so you may be easily noticed in there although for the UK gumtree.com would be more suitable

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