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Изменения в иммиграции Австралии 2019 - по материалам SBS

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5 важных изменений в законах (взято отсюда ):

1. Longer processing times for partner visas

Because the Family Violence Bill passed in the Senate last November, partner visa sponsorships need to be approved first before applications are lodged. This means that potential offshore applicants and sponsors will have to pass through a stringent process to assess their character and history. This will then prolong the process of obtaining a partner visa.

Время ожидания для получения визы партнера увеличивается, т.к. тщательнее будут исследовать, насколько хорош будет новый человек для Австралии.

2. An introduction of a new temporary sponsored parent visa

This year, Australian citizens and permanent residents will be able to bring their parents from overseas to Australia. Only 15,000 visas will be granted each year. Once approved, these parent visas will be valid for three or five years, costing $5,000 and $10,000 respectively. The said visas are renewable, but only up to a maximum of 10 years when combined.

Появляется новая временная спонсорская виза для родителей. 15000 виз в год, визы на 3 года стоят $5,000 AUD, на 5 лет - $10,000 AUD. Можно продлевать визу, но до срока в 10 лет. Страховка и все расходы в Австралии - за счет приглашающих.

3. An increase in show money for foreign students to more than $20,000

This year, students have to be able to provide evidence of funds of around $20,290. Bringing in a partner is an additional $7,100 and an additional $3,040 needs to be provided for each child.

Студентам нужно будет показывать наличие финансов на сумму $20,290 AUD, за супруга дополнительно $7,100, за каждого ребенка $3,040.

4. Matching ATO tax records to salaries of employer-sponsored migrants

This year, the Department of Home Affairs will be cracking down on companies underpaying employer-sponsored migrants. In partnership with the ATO, the department will be gathering the tax file numbers of those who currently hold a 457/482 TSS visa in order to match them with current tax records to make sure that the said migrants are being paid the right amount based on their nominated salary.

Обещают тщательнее следить за тем, чтоб приехавшим по временным спонсорским визам 457/482 работодатели выплачивали все полагающиеся деньги.

5. South Australia visa for start-up entrepreneurs

The state is set to pilot a new visa for start-up entrepreneurs which isn’t as difficult to obtain as a Business and Innovation visa. The said visa doesn’t require a $200,000 funding arrangement and only a 5 average band score on the IELTS. Applicants are required to provide the state with an original idea and business plan in order to obtain this visa.

Новая виза для предпринимателей в Южной Австралии. Не нужно вкладывать $200,000, и английский достаточно на уровне IELTS 5 средний. Необходимо предоставить штату оригинальную идею и бизнес план по ее внедрению.


Кроме того проскочила следующая информация:

Immigration took centre stage in Australia’s political discourse for the better part of 2017 with much discussion around Australia’s annual permanent intake and the question of how to deal with growing overcrowding in Melbourne and Sydney. A proposal was put forward to send migrants to regional and rural Australia for a set number of years before granting them permanent residency at a time when many regions are crying out for more migrants.

The Federal Government also signed two special agreements, Designated Area Migration Agreements with the Northern Territory and the Great Southern Coast of Victoria, offering a pathway to permanent residency to semi-skilled migrants with limited English. Immigration Minister David Coleman said agreements could be signed with more regions to address the labour needs of these areas – something he said was his priority right after he took charge of his portfolio last year.

The Designated Area Migration Agreements that will lower the skills, language and income requirements and let semi-skilled migrant workers access a pathway to permanent migration comes in the wake of a vociferous demand for a standalone agriculture visa to meet a growing demand for farm workers. For more information click here.

Т.е. новая программа DAMA, уже работающая в Северной Территории, будет еще и для южных районов Виктории, а возможно и для региональных областей других штатов (взято здесь ).

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