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Временные правила Credential Assessment в Toronto University (ECA)

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Временные правила Credential Assessment в Toronto University (ECA)

Цифровые академические документы и механизмы проверки в связи с COVID-19

ECA рекомендует запросить, чтобы официальные копии ваших академических документов были представлены ваши учебным заведением в электронном виде через установленные безопасные межучрежденческие порталы или отправлены по новому имэйл ECA, даже если в ECA уже получили физические копии ваших документов в офисах ECA;

ECA может использовать альтернативные ресурсы для проверки в тех случаях, когда в вашем учебном заведении нет такой устоявшейся практики, как, например, публичные реестры выпускников и / или дипломы или другие цифровые репозитории студенческих записей, предоставленные компетентными органами в вашей стране образования;

ECA инициирует процедуры прямой межвузовской проверки с вашим академическим учреждением (ями) по электронной почте.

ECA опубликовать ваш Credential Assessment в электронном виде, после чего вам будет предоставлена бумажная копия после возобновления наших операций в офисе. IRCC и любые другие третьи стороны, которые будут получать ваш электронный Credential Assessment, знают об их идентичном содержании и восприимчивы к этой временной мере. Мы также внедряем дополнительное инновационное решение для безопасной электронной публикации и отправки вашего Credential Assessment ECA, которое мы планируем выпустить в середине мая. Пожалуйста, будьте с ECA.large.Credential_Assessment_ECA_Canada_j


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Последние обновления подтверждения квалификации в Канад Credential Skills Assessment

Друзья если вы не получили ещё от School of Continuing Studies подтверждения вашей квалификации - не печальтесь и отнеситесь к их работе с пониманием:
As we approach the holiday season in Canada, we are writing to provide you with some important updates. At the same time, this also gives us another chance to express how grateful we are that you have placed your trust in our services.
Our most important update is to let you know our offices will be closed from Wednesday December 23, 2020 until January 1, 2021, inclusive. During this time, our team will not be processing applications, or receiving client emails. We will resume regular operations remotely starting Monday, January 4, 2021.
We appreciate you may be wondering what this means for your in-progress applications.
·         Important note: Institutional documents received electronically
O   We maintain a separate processing queue for applications with institutional documents submitted electronically. These applications are less impacted by COVID-19 operational restrictions, and we continue to process them within 15-20 weeks from the date we receive all required documents. We continue to accept and process all documents submitted to our office electronically by the appropriate academic institutions.
·         If we received your paper-based, physical institutional documents on or before March 17, 2020
o   Your application is being finalized, and we are on schedule to have your electronic Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) to you by December 22, 2020. If your application requires additional authentication and/or research, you will be notified by email prior to December 22, 2020.
·         If we received your paper-based, physical institutional documents between April 1 – October 27,2020:
o   Work on these applications will resume on January 4, 2021.
o   Please note: Applications and institutional documents received between April and October and the assessment of them, have been impacted significantly by the University of Toronto office closures earlier in the year resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. From mid-March until mid-August, we were unable to process, review and upload mailed documents to your online profiles.
o   At this time, we expect the processing time for files arriving to our office after April 1, 2020 and before October 27, 2020 is 40 weeks (excluding the holiday closure) from the date that we received all required institutional documents. This processing time will be updated on a monthly basis on our website from January 2021 as we expect it will go down.
As you may know, Toronto is struggling again to contain the spread of COVID-19. The result is that local and provincial governments have placed public health restrictions across the city of Toronto, requiring us to close our administrative building again on November 23, 2020. This means we have not been able to access new mail arriving at our premises since the re-closing.
Unfortunately, we do not have access to physical, paper-based institutional documents received via mail after October 27, 2020. At this time, we are unable to predict when we will be back in our administrative offices at the St. George Campus.  
Please watch your online profile and e-mail, as the Assessment Team will contact you directly at each step of the process. For more insights, you can find all relevant and up-to-date information on our website and through our Help Centre articles, including information regarding the impact of COVID-19 on our operations, and the alternative solutions we have adopted.
Once again, we thank for your continued patience. We apologize for delays in service, and wish you and your family a joyful, restful, and safe holidays.
Sincerely yours,
The Comparative Education Service Team

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