Список животных, запрещенных для домашнего содержания в Австралии

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Exotic Animals and Pets

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Cockatoo: The Cockatoo is an exotic species of birds that share quite a few similarities with parrots. All of these are a protected species.

Cockatiel: This is a small version of the Cockatoo. These are native to Australia.


Guinea Pigs: This rodent is native to the Andes. They need to be handled well to make good pets.

Hamsters: The Golden Hamster is one of the best species of hamsters one can have as pets. However, in Australia, it is illegal to breed hamsters.

Gerbil: This rodent is also known as the Desert Rat. One can find a big variety of gerbils in pet stores that are bred selectively.

Fancy Rats: This rat is a different version of the brown rat. They have many different colorings for the coat.

African Dormice: This little pet is almost like a squirrel. Generally, Dormice should always be kept in groups.

Prairie Dog: The Prairie Dog is native to the grasslands of North America. Because many of these animals are captured for exotic pet trade, it can be illegal in the United States to have it as a pet.

Flying Squirrels: The Flying Squirrels do not actually fly but glide. These are often bred in captivity and have been kept as pets since the US colonial Era.

Chinchillas: Chinchillas are cute little furry creatures that are rather rabbit-like in nature. Chinchillas do not like being held as pets but they do show an attachment to their owners. They need ample space to move around, as they are very active animals. You would need to create a mountainous sort of environment to make them feel at home.

Degu: This animal is related to the Chinchillas. Degus are growing in popularity as pets and one would need to provide it with a suitable environment so that is feels comfortable at home.


Ferrets: Ferrets are mostly found in New Zealand. Initially, ferrets were kept as exotic pets by celebrities. They need to be trained at a young age. In the recent times however, there is a restriction in terms of keeping ferrets as pets.

Wolves: Wolves are also surprisingly on the list of exotic animals and pets. The wolf-dog hybrid is a subspecies of this category. However, it has always been a matter of great debate to have wolves as pets!

Foxes: Foxes also feature on this list of exotic pets! Well, the Fennec Fox is the only species of this category that can be considered to be ‘safe’ as pets. These active animals need plenty of space to move around. There are many legal issues when it comes to owing a Fennec Fox.

Kinkajou: These playful animals are often kept as pets. These are now a protected species.

Raccoons: Raccoons are not usually considered ideal to have as pets, therefore, there are many countries where this may be prohibited. In some areas, one would need to have a special permit to keep a raccoon as an exotic pet.

Wallaroo: This closely resembles a combination of a kangaroo and a wallaby. Most Wallaroos display some typical traits to the earlier mentioned species.

Skunks: A pet skunk is definitely a rare pet but does belong to the list of exotic pets. These intelligent animals are highly curious and playful in nature.

Hedgehogs: There are 16 species of these mammals, which are found in Asia, Africa, New Zealand and Europe. These are distinctive because of the spines on their back. The most common species that are domesticated are the White-bellied Hedgehog and the North African Hedgehog. These make useful pets to have in the garden as they act as an effective way of pest control.

Pot-Bellied Pig: This is a domesticated variety of pig that has its origins in Vietnam. These pigs are often kept as exotic pets in the United States of America. These pigs are intelligent and they do not like humans being over affectionate in nature.

Cats (Non-Domestic):

Keeping wild cats is illegal and this act may not really be fair on the animal. However, there are many groups of people who love to have this exotic animal at home!

Ocelot: This is a wild cat but its appearance is like a domestic cat. It was considered endangered earlier but off late, several attempts have been made to protect these species.

Leopard Cat: A leopard cat is almost as large as a domestic cat. This small wildcat is found in areas of Southeast Asia.

Toyger: This breed of cat looks like a mini-sized tiger. The breed was created to develop awareness amongst people about the conservation of tigers.

Wildcat: The wild cat is sometimes included under the category of the domestic cat. This cat is extremely timid and native to Europe, Africa and western parts of Asia.

Serval: This African wild cat is mainly seen in the savannas. This beautiful animal is a protected species in many countries.


The Holland Lop: This rabbit is one of the smallest of its species. This is also one of the most popular breeds as it rates very high as a ‘cute’ pet.

Sugar Glider: These possums can be bred in captivity and a large number of these species are sold legally as well as illegally. Sugar Gliders are a protected lot in Australia where it is illegal to keep them or capture them without a license. Capturing a Sugar Glider is allowed only for research.

Reptiles and Amphibians:


This animal is actually a lizard that is found in tropical areas of South and Central America. There are two species of the same out of which one is popular as a pet –

Green Iguana: The Green Iguana is bright in color and is amongst the most in demand as an exotic pet. However, there are many rules being implemented for the breeding of this species for e.g., it is illegal to breed or import the Green Iguana as a pet and one can face charges if found guilty of the same.


African Dwarf Frogs: This frog is native to the Sub Saharan region of Africa. They are rather tiny in size and can be bred with some tropical fish as well.

Oriental Fire-Bellied Toad: This is a tiny exotic animal that belongs to the frog species. Often, these frogs are founds as pets and can be recognized due to their bright green color.

American Green Tree Frog: This is a very popular species of frogs kept as pets. Exotic pet lovers can keep up to three frogs in a terrarium.

African Clawed Frog: This species of frogs are relatively easy to keep as pets hence their popularity is on the rise. These species are found throughout the regions of Africa.

Newts: These amphibians are quite popular as pets. But due to the destruction of habitat, their numbers are on the decline. Therefore, in the UK, these are a protected species and possessing newts without a license is considered illegal. There are nine of these species that fall under the strictly protected series.


Snakes are also considered as exotic pets by many. Often, these are bred in captivity, as they tend to be easier to handle.

Python Reticulatus: This non-venomous snake is found in areas of South East Asia. It is known because of a very complex pattern on its body. It is not known to attack humans, however, it can do so when it feels threatened. These species are growing in demand for captive breeding.

Corn Snake: Also known as the Red Rat snake, it is distinguished because of the small pattern on its belly side that resembles a corn. Being rather quiet in nature, these non-venomous snakes are quite popular as pets.


Box Turtles: Box turtles are distinctive from others because of their dome shaped shell. It is recommended to avoid having box turtles found from the wild as pets. These species are pretty much affected due to changes in surroundings. They need to be handled carefully.

Yellow Mud Turtles: These turtles are found in the central areas of the United States. Yellow Mud turtles tend to snap at people or bite when kept as house pets.


Praying Mantis: This insect has been given the name due to its prayer-like stance. It is legal to have certain types of Praying Mantis at home, which are native to the place, but in case of non-native species, the same could result in a fine.


Scorpions: Scorpions are most feared for their deadly venom. The large Emperor scorpions are amongst those exotic species that are treated like a pet in the homes of certain people!

Hermit Crabs:

The Hermit Crabs are not directly related to true crabs. They are often noticed carrying an empty seashell on their back, which they withdraw into whenever they feel threatened.

Scarlet Hermit Crab: This type of Hermit crab has a bright yellow body. It is one of the most popular species used as an exotic pet.

Common Hermit Crab: Also known as the Soldier Crab, it is seen in rocky areas as well as sandy shores.

Tarantula: These hairy and large spiders are surprisingly kept as pets! Their bites are of course, deadly to humans.

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А хомяков почему нельзя держать? ;)

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Я тоже удивился, значит либо вымирают, во что не верится, либо доказано, что неволя их серьезно депрессирует, и содержание их дома не гуманно.

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Вот ведь жалко, а то так хотела летающую белку дома завести! :)

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